The TAROT Project

A search as ancient as Man's history.
An enigma to be solved.
An ending in your hands.


What is TAROT

A set of narrative experiences tying together many territories, cities and areas, where you are the main character.
Pick a zone covered by TAROT, and discover a new way of tourism or of knowing better your area, in a thrilling experience blending digital and real, history and fiction.

TAROT won First Prize in the local selection of StartCup 2014 for innovative business concepts. It is currently bootstrapped towards an MVP. We are actively looking for Co-founders and partners.


Explore your surroundings as a field agent for a group of investigators of the past, and use an experimental technology to bring to the light a conflict and a search that dates back to Mankind's dawn.

But beware. While ancient, the conflict never died, and from the shadows, many eyes watch, unseen, your actions and those of your companions.

What you will do with what you discover is up to you, but every choice has consequences ...


The experiences that thousands of tourists will live when visiting your area. Weave your story upon the canvas of TAROT, give a voice and soul to its characters, let yourself be known, and create unforgettable emotions and memories.

If you are:
* A writer of fictions with a passion for history
* An historian with an eye for peculiar events and characters
* A voice artist, actor, a dubber or an enthusiast capable of captivating and transmitting emotions with your voice
* A creative artisan or crafter with a desire to experiment
* In a word, a creative or own a business in the touristic sector...

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